dinsdag 9 februari 2016

Jugurtha 6

The end-game.
In 107 BC appears the next consul Marius in Africa and immediately takes the town Capsa in the south. Then he turns to the west of Numidia and conquers a fortress in which Jugurtha had put important treasures. Jugurtha now seeks the support of king Bocchus of Mauretania and they come to an agreement. In 106 BC they attack both the army of Marius, but he can beat of his enemies. All the armies go back in their winter quarters. Marius sends now an embassy under Sulla to Bocchus and a peace treaty is signed later at Cirta. The Romans occupy now the greater part of Numidia and Jugurtha stands now again completely alone with a few trusty followers. In 105 BC comes the end, when Bocchus sets a trap. He promises to Jugurtha the extradiction of Sulla. Jugurtha falls into the trap and comes to collect Sulla. The other way is happening and Jugurtha is extradicted to Sulla. The betrayer is finally betrayed. His last trusty followers are killed and Jugurtha was brought to Rome, where he had to walk in the triumphal march of Marius. After that he is put in jail without food and drinking water. After a week he was strangled.

For about 13 years he resisted to the Romans with tricks, bribery, guerrilla and full-scale battles. He was a murderer, but also fought in vain for the freedom and unity of Numidia