dinsdag 9 februari 2016

Jugurtha 4

To Rome and back.
The outrage in Rome in 111 BC. about the so-called peace-treaty is great and Jugurtha is summoned to come to Rome under a safe-conduct. Jugurtha goes indeed to Rome, bribes immediately a tribune os that the charge against him in the senate fails. Even worse, he let a further opponent of him (Massiva) murdered by Bomilcar (Bodmelqart!), his second in command. After that Jugurtha and Bomilcar are removed from Italy. Back in Numidia Jugurtha resumes in 110 BC the combat with the roman army under the consul Sp.Albinus. After a short while this new consul has to leave (another bribery?). His substitute is A.Albinus and he attacks the town of Suthul. That fails completely, because Jugurtha forces him to a contumelious capitulation! The complete army had to pass under the yoke. In the meantime Sp.Albinus returns with a new roman army but he undertakes no action at all.