dinsdag 9 februari 2016

Jugurtha 3

The succession-war.

He was not a Phoenician, but his neo-punic name was Ygwrty. At first Jugurtha was a Numidian in the service of the Romans in Spain. When he returns to Numidia he is adopted by the king Micipsa. After the death of Micipsa in 118 BC it comes to a struggle who will inherit the kingdom. Jugurtha kills the son Hiempsal of Micipsa in 116 BC. The other son Adherbal is beaten in a battle by Jugurtha. Adherbal (Adirbaal!) however flees to Rome asking for help. But Jugurtha sends envoys with a lot of money to Rome to bribe members of the senate and with success! Only a commission of the senate will come to divide Numidia between the opponents Jugurtha and Adherbal. The last one obtains Cirta and surroundings. But then Jugurtha attacks Adherbal again. Rome sends again a commission of research. Then Jugurtha attacks Cirta itself. Rome sends a second commission. In 112 BC Cirta is finally taken by Jugurtha and Adherbal is killed, However, also a lot of Italian merchants are murdered. The people of Rome are indignant and the consul Calpurnius is now sent with an army to Africa.  Jugurtha solves that problem simply by bribery of the commanders of the Roman army and a feigned peace was made.