dinsdag 9 februari 2016

Jugurtha 5

The inventor of the guerilla-warfare.
In 109 BC comes the next consul Metellus and he is not to bribe! Of course is Jugurtha now willing to make peace with the Romans, but Metellus attacks and defeats Jugurtha at the battle along the river Muthul. Jugurtha is severely beaten, but not exterminated. With the remnants of his army he starts a new warfare: the guerrilla. The Romans lay now siege to Zama, but they are attacked by Jugurtha in the rear. The siege of Zama fails and the Romans go back in their winter quarters at Vaga and other places. Despite his defeat at the Muthul river Jugurtha was able to bring the war from Numidia to the Roman province of Africa. In 108 BC the town of Vaga revolts against the Romans and the Roman garrison is exterminated.

In his turn Metellus now tries to bribe Bomilcar and with some success in the beginning. The conspiracy however fails in the end and Bomilcar and Nabdalsa are executed. Metellus chases Jugurtha and lay now siege at Thala in the south. Jugurtha escapes and flees to the desert…..