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phoenicians in Thebe


THEBE  -  Waset


Famous for its Amon’s cult. The places here have the names of Luxor, Karnak, Deir el Bahari, Medinet Haboe, Valley of the Kings. In Deir el Medina we find a village of the workers and there must have been also most of the Phoenicians we encounter in the inscriptions. In total there are 10 decipherable names.


RES 1378

Lk …..                        Maybe lkn = in order that? Likay (aram) (Krahmalkov p.255)

   |                                However it must be a personal name, because the full inscription is:

   |                                …. bn lk… (? the son of lk…)


………                       ?


RES 1509

’bq[m]                         ’Abi-qom (my <divine> father has arisen) (Benz p.55) ph, pu

                                   (Krahmalkov p.33). This man comes from Akko.


RES 1510



Bqrtšmš                      in Heliopolis


‘štrtṢb                         ‘AštartṢb. Misspelling for ‘Aštart-yaṢṢib(a) (Astarte has established)

  |                                 (benz 175, Krahmalkov p.391) ph, pu.


Šdqr/dy                      ?


RES 1511

ḥ‘m                             (vocalisation and meaning uncertain) (Benz 109, Krahmalkov p.175)

  |                                 ph, pu


Šd                               ?


RES 1512

’bṢ.                             ?


‘bdḥmn                       ‘Abd-ḥammon (servant of Baal-hammon) (Benz p.154) ph

                                   (Krahmalkov p.355) Historical person: Abdemon DCPP2


Šd ’lnm cbdḥmn bn ’bṢ. = camp of the gods, Abdhamon, son of ’bṢ.


RES 1513

Urns with inscriptions


A. ’nk l                       me l?

B. mṭn                        gift

C. hṢk                        ? hṢ = speerpunt

     Brn                        (vocalisation and meaning uncertain) (Benz p.101, Krahmalkov) pu

D. nqm’l                     Naqom-’l (Il/God avenge(s)) (Benz p.147, Krahmalkov p.335)

E. mlk …                    Milk …, King …


RES 1514

Kṭl                              neopunic. ?.