zondag 28 augustus 2016

Distribution Phoenicians 1


When we sum up in my review all the places where something Phoenician and/or Punic has been found, then we see some peculiar results. My survey is however never complete, but still very extensive. Nowadays Spain seems to be the land with most of those places. Land of origin: Lebanon we find only on the fifth rank. The Phoenicians were spread over the whole world, as they know it in those days. Just like the Lebanese people has done it today.
1.Spain        272
2/3.Tunesia  186
2/3.Sardinia 186
4.Algeria     83
5.Lebanon   79
6.Portugal   60
7.Morocco  58
8.Israel       52
9.Sicily      42
10.Lybia    38
11.Syria     36
12.Cyprus  34
13.Italy      21 (without Sardinia)
14.Greece  19
15.Turkey  17
16/17.Jordan  5
16/17.Iraq      5
18.France      4
19/20/21.Arabia  1
19/20/21.Bachrain 1
19/20/21.Great Britain 1
And small islands in the high sea 10
Which gives a total of c.1176 places.
In this total we find real settlements, mixed settlements, fortresses, burial places, harbours and other places. When we look at only the settlements, then the picture of ranking the countries is completely different. That is something for another message.