donderdag 10 april 2014


Phoenician music was very appreciated in antiquity. In Assyria there was a Phoenician musician with the name Abdelim. Dion Chrysotome declares in the 1st century AD: “Today dominates the music of the people of Arwad, the songs of the Phoenicians tempted you and you like the rhythm----“.
On archeological objects we can see the instruments that were used: tympanon, single- and double flute, tambourine, lyre, cymbal, harp, bells. During the festivities of Adonis people would dance and sing in the procession on the way to Byblos. On the other side of the world, in Gadir (Cadiz), people are singing on the festival of Melqart. Philostratus says in Vita Apol.V.4, that the inhabitans of Gadir are the only people on the world that sings on funerals.