woensdag 9 april 2014


DANCE with the Phoenicians.

Baal Marqod is the Baal of the dance. A special form of Baal, which is connected with the Egyptian god BES and which is known by 3 inscriptions as Balmarkodes (greek) and 15 inscriptions as Baalmarcod (latin). Those were found in the sanctuary of Der el-Qal’a, located near Beit Mery (NE of Beirut). In front of this temple there are two columns of 2 meters in diameter, which reminds of the temples of Baalbek. Close to the temple there is a well-doing fountain. So, this Baal of the dance could also be a healer-god. And then there is the theory, that for ‘dance’ we must read ‘earthquakes’. It is not proven, but understandable, because the coast of Beirut was visited by many disasters like that.


See: Le temple de Baal Marcod √† Deir el-Kala’a. Ch.Clermont-Ganneau. Recueil d’Arch√©ologie Orientale 1888 p.101-114. Paris.