woensdag 22 juni 2016

Maritime Tharros


In 1984 there were no traces found of port constructions which could do justice to the commercial and naval needs of the city. Several suggestions were done such as: 1) a drastic sea level change, 2) a natural harbour or 3) location of a harbour to the SE of Giovanni di Sinis. All those suggestions could not be proved. Finally in 1985 a premature solution was found. Special attention was directed to a “sea wall” which was explored offshore from the SE slopes of the Tophet Hill. This structure proved to be over 120 m in length and, at several points, up to 9 m in width. The wall was made of rectangular shaped blocks, measuring on the average 20 x 30 x 60 cm. A deeper stratum of stones was found underneath the first. It consisted of rectangular blocks measuring about 120 x 50 cm.
The “sea wall” runs parallel to the coastline for over 120 meters and turns at both ends on a slight angle towards the shore. Such a structure could have functioned as a breakwater enclosing a body of water to form a protected harbour.

See: RSF XV 1987, E.Linder, Haifa.